for Jobs &

May 20, 2023
Detroit, MI

Corporations want the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to prioritize their profits.

We are organizing to put
workers & the planet first.

Detroit has seen firsthand how corporate-controlled trade deals have hollowed out our cities, outsourced jobs & harmed workers & the environment around the world.

In May of 2023, officials from the US and across the Asia-Pacific came to Detroit to negotiate the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, or IPEF.

Corporations are pushing hard to use the deal to expand their power.

We mobilized for a new model that puts working people, climate justice, and human rights before profit.

What's at
stake in IPEF?

Labor Rights

There are ongoing labor rights abuses in a number of IPEF countries, including child labor, human trafficking, forced labor, and violence against workers’ organizations.

IPEF must contain strict rules to raise labor standards and strong enforcement measures to require meaningful change on the ground.

Climate Change

Legal challenges through outdated trade and investment agreements have impeded countries from building green energy systems and weakened critical environmental protections.

IPEF should contain a Climate Peace Clause to protect climate policies from such challenges and include enforcement measures to require countries to meet their obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement and other important environmental agreements.

Human Rights

IPEF members include regimes with histories of gross human rights violations against migrants, political dissidents, and LGBTQ+ communities.

IPEF must require all participating countries to abide by human rights treaties and agreements.


IPEF negotiations remain shrouded in secrecy. While big corporations have had access, civil society groups, unions, and indigenous communities have been left in the dark.

To achieve a people-centered outcome, we need to see what is being negotiated in our name and have a seat at the table.

Digital Rights

Big Tech wants IPEF to shield them from accountability for algorithmic racial bias, allow them to increase monopoly control over the internet, and undermine worker protections and consumer privacy laws.

IPEF’s digital rules must not tie governments’ hands to regulate Big Tech and ensure that human and civil rights are protected online.