A Conversation with Rep. Chuy Garcia and Solidarity Center Mexico Program Director Gladys Cisneros

Friday, May 8, 2020
3:00 pm EST

COVID-19 deaths are rising across Mexico, with scores of workers in foreign-owned border factories becoming ill. Despite government orders to close all non-essential firms, many such factories have continued operating–with little consequence.

Workers have begun to rise up to defend their health and their lives.

Yet right now, the U.S. ambassador to Mexico and hundreds of U.S. corporations and their lobbyists are demanding Mexico prioritize their interests over the health and safety of Mexican workers – by opening other closed factories.

Join Rep. Chuy Garcia (IL-04) and the Solidarity Center’s Mexico Director Gladys Cisneros this Friday to learn how you can stand with Mexican workers and fight to advance trade policies that put working people before corporate profits.